Beat the heat with your existing window coverings!

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14741_187708254374_2651060_nStay Cool and save money this summer.

On a hot day outside we head for the shade to cool down. The same strategy applies for the interior of your home. Closing your existing blinds or shades on south and west-facing windows helps to keep your home cooler. This will also protect your wood flooring and furniture from bleaching and fading under the intense rays this time of year.

There is little need to purchase specialty insulating shades unless you have windows in an extreme environment.

National window covering retailers are running campaigns to spur summer sales of cellular products in order to reduce your energy consumption and that is what has prompted me to pick this topic now. Unless you have older windows that are continually exposed to direct sun, you can do well by simply using your existing coverings to block or redirect the sunrays that penetrate your house . I hope you enjoy these long summer days, it is my favorite time of year.