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Got Problems?

Putting my problems in perspective Allow me to go off subject a little this post in order to express something that has been on my mind for some time and that impacts all facets of life. How big are those things that lurk in the recesses of our brain, steal our hope and joy and(…)

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Winter is coming – “R” your windows ready – R values and window coverings

Even new windows are the biggest source of lost warmth from the home. The laws of nature teach that heat moves towards cold. This means that in the winter, the toasty warm air in your home is seeking to free itself through your windows and in the summer, that oppressively hot air outside is seeking(…)

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They don’t make like they used too!

Quality stands the test of time I had the distinct pleasure of providing window coverings for the home Mr. Procter, the founder of Procter and Gamble built for his daughter in 1903. The home was built of granite and all of the interior trim is a beautiful quarter sawn maple. As I walked the home(…)

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