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14741_187708244374_7220335_n Putting my problems in perspective

Allow me to go off subject a little this post in order to express something that has been on my mind for some time and that impacts all facets of life.

How big are those things that lurk in the recesses of our brain, steal our hope and joy and leave us with a sense of dread for today? One of my daughters and her husband now in live in South Sudan with no bathroom or cooking facilities in their dwelling. They live in a place recovering from over 20 years of civil war and a country with the most basic form of roads or public infra-structure.

Watching her life and particularly the lives of the villagers around her and the fulfillment they live in regardless of their situation, has caused me to put my issues in perspective. Now, when a product comes in behind schedule, I have to wait through that red light because the person in front of me was on their cell phone and did not move into the intersection on time or my laptop seems painfully slow, I try to take a different perspective than I used to. I ask myself if this is a first world or a third world problem. Is this irritant going to cause me to go hungry, live without plumbing or threaten my physical safety? If the answer is no, I am most likely dealing with a first world issue. Understanding this simple differentiation is helping me keep things in healthier perspective and set the table for a simple and rewarding Christmas Season.