Horizontal Blinds

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2-Inch Horizontal Blinds

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Get the horizontal blinds for your home horizontal blinds Horizontal Blinds imageOur Horizontal blinds are available in a variety of materials including aluminum and vinyl. They are our most affordable window treatments along with faux wood varieties. Presented in a variety of slat sizes, colors and textures horizontal blinds offer excellent light and privacy control.

They can be raised for access or view, and slats can be rotated to allow the maximum or minimum amount of light to enter the room.

Compare to our most-popular size, 2-inch blinds.

Details: We custom make 2-inch and 2 1/2-inch horizontal blinds at widths up to 120″ and heights of up to 108″ with aluminum and vinyl.

Learn more about our pricing and find the window treatment that fits your style and budget.

For more info about this kind of blinds please contact Affordable Blinds of Cincy.

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